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Article Reference
A path-integral Langevin equation treatment of low-temperature doped helium clusters 2012-06-15
Managing state 2012-05-16
Economic growth: indicators not targets 2011-06-22
Computer code: incentives needed 2011-06-22
A scientific model for free will is impossible 2011-06-22
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All publications 2007-01-24
Bibliography List
Publications by Konrad Hinsen 2007-01-24
Publications 2007-02-19
Publications 2007-02-19
Publications 2007-02-19
Publications 2007-02-19
Book Reference
Effektive elektrostatische Eigenschaften von Suspensionen 2007-01-24
Legal notice 2016-12-05
ActivePapers 2011-06-09
Konrad Hinsen 2007-01-23
Frequently Asked Questions 2011-06-23
ActivePaper architecture 2011-06-10
nMOLDYN 1.0 2007-02-13
Python in Science: the next 15 years 2010-07-19
Visualizing normal modes by a vector field 2010-06-29
Slides: normal modes 2010-06-28
Slides: Python programming 2010-06-28
ScrewFrame 2016-11-09
Computational study of memory functions in liquids and proteins 2007-02-16
Effective hydrodynamic interactions and parallel Molecular Dynamics 2007-02-16
ActivePapers 2011-06-09
Images 2010-10-15
Tran Viet Dung 2012-09-10
Eric Eveno 2012-06-05
Sławomir Stachura 2011-01-28
Guillaume Chevrot 2011-01-28
Francesco Piazza 2010-10-15
Inbook Reference
From electron microscopy maps to atomic structures using normal mode-based fitting 2011-06-22
MOTECC 1990 - Modern techniques in computational chemistry 2007-01-24
Inproceedings Reference
Simulations moléculaires et leur analyse 2007-01-24
High-Level Scientific Programming with Python 2007-01-24
Conformational effects on DNA radiation damage. Influence of structure on the accessibility to OH radicals 2007-01-24
Analysis of low-frequency motions in proteins by computer simulation and neutron scattering experiment 2007-01-24
The Molecular Modeling Toolkit: a case study of a large scientific application in Python 2007-01-24
Preprint of the ScrewFrame publication 2016-11-09
ScrewFrame ActivePaper 2016-11-09
Publication in Acta Cryst. D 2016-11-09
ScrewFrame Web server 2016-11-09
Download ScientificPython 2007-02-13
Manual Reference
Program NSCATT from MOTECC 1990 - Modern Techniques in Computational Chemistry, Input/Output documentation 2007-01-24
Phdthesis Reference
Computersimulation von Neutronenstreuexperimenten an molekularen Flüssigkeiten am Beispiel von Dichlormethan 2007-01-24
Source Code
Vibrational spectrum from normal modes 2007-06-18
Simple analysis of the helix trajectory 2007-06-18
Molecular Dynamics simulation of a helix 2007-06-18
Normal modes of a water molecule 2007-06-18
Techreport Reference
Lysozyme in solution under pressure 2007-01-24
Multipole expansions in finite and periodic systems 2007-01-24
Experience with Ewald sums 2007-01-24
Smart Folder
Normal mode techniques 2007-02-27
Theory of liquids 2007-02-23
Neutron scattering 2007-02-23
Scientific software 2007-02-23
Protein dynamics 2007-02-23
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